The Best Spots for Outdoor Dining in 达拉斯


达拉斯’s warm weather makes it a mecca for outdoor dining. 无论你是想在COVID-19大流行期间保持社交距离,还是只是想在外面吃好玩, 达拉斯 提供大量的酒吧,餐馆,和户外座位的小酒馆.

Planning to have a few drinks with your meal? Don’t forget to arrange for a DD from 美高梅在线娱乐. 我们可以为您提供专业、有经验和舒适的司机 宪章总线 with plush seats and AC. 给我们打个电话 1- before you head out to one of these 达拉斯 restaurants.

People clinking glasses of wine outside with masks lowered


一个达拉斯的最爱,乡村有一个宽敞的后院,偶尔有现场音乐. The food here comes from Texas ranches and farms, and the restaurant creates its own signature cocktails. Chow down on a Texas Hot Chicken & 奶酪三明治, which comes with American cheese, 纳什维尔热鸡, 泡菜, 和梅奥, or try the cactus fries, made from prickly pear cactus. When you’re done with your meal, 你可以用辛辣的玛格丽塔酒或梅斯卡尔乡村水来解酒.

地址: 3656 Howell St, 达拉斯, TX 75204
宪章巴士停车: 的乡村 has its own parking lot, 但如果没有停车位,你的包车可能需要停在附近的其他停车场.

HG sp公司

If you love health food, you’ll love HG sp公司. This restaurant participates in the Whole 30 program, 他们所有的菜肴都可以根据要求制作无麸质或无乳制品. Order their popular Bunless Burger Bowl, or build your own bowl with chicken, 大马哈鱼, 藜麦, and other proteins on a bed of cauliflower rice or sweet potatoes. HG sp公司 also has rooftop dining, 这样你就可以一边啜饮着鸡尾酒,吃着健康的食物,一边俯瞰下格林维尔社区.

地址: 2008 Greenville Ave, 达拉斯, Texas 75206
宪章巴士停车: HG sp公司 doesn’t have its own parking lot, but there are several paid parking lots across the street.


Planning an elegant night out with your friends or significant other? Look no further than 天堂. 这家高档餐厅提供意大利和地中海美食在室内和阴凉的花园露台. 虽然天井有时在恶劣天气下不得不关闭,但只要天空允许,它就会打开. All of 天堂’s pizza, 意大利面, and baked goods are made in-house, 你还可以点手工制作的意大利通心粉或新鲜的比萨,以及特色鸡尾酒.

地址: 308 N Bishop Ave, 达拉斯, TX 75208
宪章巴士停车: 天堂所在的主教艺术区(Bishop Arts District)有很多街边停车场和停车场. 你可以让你的包车司机让你在餐厅前下车,然后找到一个地方.

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和HG供应公司一样,卡车场位于标志性的下格林维尔社区. 不像HG供应公司, 卡车的院子里 is casual and quirky, with a massive backyard that holds picnic tables, 快餐车, brightly painted metal signs, 和树屋. 你有时可以在这里看到现场音乐,孩子和狗也很受欢迎. 尝试手工鸡尾酒,如扭骡和卡车浆果柠檬水, and soak up all that alcohol with a vegetarian Philly cheesesteak, 芝加哥牛肉三明治, or plate of ribeye nachos.

地址: 5624 Sears St, 达拉斯, TX 75206
宪章巴士停车: 在卡车场周围有几个付过钱的地段,在那里你可以离开你的巴士.


If you’re looking for a place where you can relax before your 婚礼 或者和朋友见面,你一定不想错过Braindead酝酿. Located in the trendy Deep Ellum neighborhood, Braindead有一个大型户外露台,配有野餐桌和丰富的自制啤酒. You can pair your beer with innovative American food, 比如烧烤花椰菜和肉饼中加入牛胸肉和培根的汉堡. 如果你喜欢现场音乐,你也可以在这里找到当地的艺术家.

地址: 2625 Main St, 达拉斯, TX 75226
宪章巴士停车: Like many of the eateries on this list, Braindead酝酿公司依靠的是街边停车和付费停车场的结合.

Man performs live music on keyboard at Braindead酝酿

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons  (Marc Rebillet在大流行之前在Braindead酝酿现场表演)


Located in the Bishop Arts District, 怪人拥有户外露台和室内座位,以补充其早餐和经典早午餐菜单. 如果你想吃班尼迪克鸡蛋、鸡肉和华夫饼,或者墨西哥煎蛋,这里就是你要去的地方. 你还可以享受到独一无二的美食,比如水牛通心粉、奶酪和由44家农场的牛肉制成的肉饼.

地址: 316 W 7th St, 达拉斯, TX 75208
宪章巴士停车: Though 怪人 has a parking lot, it often fills up. 您的包车司机可能需要依靠街道停车场或附近的其他停车场.


Parigi has always had an outdoor patio, 但在保持社交距离期间,他们从邻居Nuvo那里借了露台,给客人提供更多的户外用餐空间. Parigi took inspiration from Paris bistros, 你可以在精致的装饰和贻贝等菜肴中看到法国的影响, 龙虾三明治, 还有炸鸡肉. 虽然食物是受法国启发的,但食材都是当地和应季的.

地址: 3311 Oak Lawn Ave, 达拉斯, TX 75219
宪章巴士停车: Parigi relies on valet parking. Since that won’t be an option with a 宪章总线, 你的司机将需要在路边寻找停车位.

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Located across the street from the 达拉斯 Arboretum, 烟雾缭绕的玫瑰 serves barbeque that’s freshly smoked each morning. Make sure your group gets there early, because once the meat runs out, this BBQ joint won’t be making more. Popular dishes include the spare ribs, 把猪肉, and sliced prime brisket, 你还可以配上冰冻柠檬水和墨西哥辣椒. 烟雾缭绕的玫瑰 offers plenty of outdoor seating on their patio, and sometimes they even feature live music.

地址: 8602 Garland Rd, 达拉斯, TX 75218
宪章巴士停车: 烟熏玫瑰的停车位非常有限,主要依靠代客服务. 这意味着你的公共汽车租赁将需要停在附近的小巷.


Inside 亨利的雄伟的, 你会发现一个很大的木条,看起来像是直接来自19世纪. 在亨利酒店外,你会发现一个适合狗狗使用的露台,带有室外壁炉和多台电视. 这是一个很好的地方,休闲和用餐的美国菜,如卡尼塔斯饺子, 牡蛎赌场, and charcuterie boards. Henry’s is also known for its craft cocktails, like the Clear and Present Danger, 由杜松子酒, 柠檬酸, 和苦艾酒, and the 81st Old Fashioned, 用波本威士忌, 减少可乐糖浆, 和樱桃苦味剂.

地址: 4900 McKinney Ave, 达拉斯, Texas 75205
宪章巴士停车: Henry’s has very limited parking. 可以提供代客泊车服务,但包车需要把车停在街边.

Friends having dinner on rooftop at night

美高梅线上娱乐Jaxon厨房 & 啤酒花园

如果你想品尝经典的美高梅线上娱乐美食,你可以在杰克森找到. 订一张在户外啤酒花园的桌子,吃一份辣味炸鸡三明治, charred shishito peppers, 或块淋牛排. Jaxon有40个水龙头,可以倒精酿啤酒,也可以混合精酿鸡尾酒,比如光辉骡子和辛辣的菠萝玛格丽塔. This is a great place to relax in between touring downtown 达拉斯 landmarks like Dealey Plaza and the 达拉斯 World Aquarium.

地址: 311 S Akard St, 达拉斯, Texas 75202
宪章巴士停车: You may be able to get your parking validated at the AT&T Garage if you’re in a small minibus, but since full-size 宪章总线es probably won’t fit, 当你和一个更大的团队一起旅行时,你的司机需要在街上寻找停车位.

Treat Your Group to Eclectic Outdoor Dining in 达拉斯

在COVID-19大流行期间,达拉斯有大量的户外就餐选择,使人们更容易保持安全. And once the pandemic ends, 您的团队仍然可以利用户外露台和啤酒花园,享受达拉斯温暖的春天, 夏天, 和秋天的天气. 当你决定了你想参观的餐馆,给Longhorn包租巴士打电话 1-. We’d love to provide your transportation.