Texas offers many beautiful cities rich in 文化, history, dining, and more. 圣安东尼奥,阿拉莫的所在地,也不例外. 既然有这么多聚餐的选择, 文化, and entertainment, it may seem overwhelming trying to plan a trip.

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圣安东尼奥最棒的事情之一就是食物. 当你跟团来这个城市旅行时, you are going to want to explore as many outdoor dining options as possible. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best areas for outdoor group dining in 圣安东尼奥.

If you feel like exploring other areas for outdoor dining outside of 圣安东尼奥, such as 休斯顿, 达拉斯, or 奥斯丁,你很幸运! 长角包车服务 十大城市 在德克萨斯州.



a closeup of corn tortillas with cheese and cilantro and two charred peppers

Enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine in a stunning environment with the group-friendly dining area at 美因河畔的拉方达. 他们的户外用餐区以郁郁葱葱的绿色植物和高大为特色, 参天大树, complemented by pops of color with mosaic art and bright red flowers.

Once you’re seated, dive into Mexican favorites such as tacos, enchiladas, and nachos. 或者尝尝拉方达的特色菜, 比如他们的美高梅线上娱乐-墨西哥奶酪玉米卷饼, 脆皮牛肉塔可, 还有玉米粉蒸肉加鳄梨酱. Afterwards, indulge in a delicious dessert like churros or flan.

他们的户外用餐可以有座位 各种规模的群体, but reservations are encouraged to ensure you and your group can get a table.

地址: 2415 North Main Ave, 圣安东尼奥, TX 78212



在在格雷森的户外座位区, 迎接你的是一个明亮的橙色霓虹灯, and walk across a cobblestone path to a gorgeous outdoor seating area. 在晚上, enjoy outdoor lights that shimmer across the group seating and little fire pits at select tables. As an added bonus, their outdoor dining area is also pet-friendly.

Their menu offers unpretentious and delicious American fare such as soups, 沙拉, 汉堡, 和三明治. 评论家对草莓蛋糕赞不绝口, 所以如果你和你的团队喜欢甜食, 一定要订购.

Seating at 在格雷森 is first-come, first-serve, and they do not take reservations. 最好是带一个 小群 如果你们想坐在同一张桌子上.

地址: 东格雷森303,圣安东尼奥,TX 78215



A fine dining experience from start to finish, Bliss is an excellent venue for 婚礼 和其他更正式的活动. 它也是一个吃饭的好地方 与一群 只是为了体验一下. The outdoor dining area is exquisite, framed by neatly manicured shrubs and assorted potted ferns. A large slatted awning covers you and your group, shading you from the 圣安东尼奥 sun.

As far as their menu goes, you can consistently expect the best and most tender cuts of meat. Enjoy seafood like scallops and salmon, and red meat like beef tenderloin and braised short ribs.

布利斯接受预订,强烈推荐他们. On their website, you can choose up to 20 people for a reservation. 如果你想租一间 18或20辆客运小巴, which can easily accommodate your group, pick them up, and drop them off.

地址: 926南普雷萨街,圣安东尼奥,TX 78210



友好点冰屋 encourages guests to “Come on in, eat, grab a drink, and be friendly.” It’s the perfect spot for you and a group of beer enthusiast friends to take your pick from more than 300 bottle and can brews.

除了饮料, The Friendly Spot offers “Friendly Eats” that you can order from noon to midnight seven days a week. 你可以从各种开胃菜和清淡的食物中选择, 比如无骨的翅膀, 汉堡, 炸咸菜, 和墨西哥胡椒咬.

The Friendly Spot is currently 圣安东尼奥’s largest outdoor food and drink venue, offering plenty of standing and seated outdoor space for 各种规模的群体. Reservations are not accepted, or needed depending on when you go, as there is plenty of space. Because parking is limited and alcohol is involved, it’s a good idea to plan on 租公共汽车 进出餐厅,没有麻烦.

地址: 美国德克萨斯州圣安东尼奥阿拉莫街943号邮编78205



企业大亨Flats吹嘘自己拥有“圣安东尼奥最好的汉堡”.” They offer more than a dozen specialty 汉堡, such as the famous Monte Cristo burger. 不太想吃汉堡? Try the 炸咸菜 – they are a standout in the Google reviews.

The deliciously indulgent burger joint offers outdoor seating for groups. Groups of all sizes can dine at benches under a tin roof lined with outdoor lights. 大亨Flats不接受预订, but you can call ahead and get an idea of how busy they are before you arrive.

伍德隆附近的两个停车场都有停车场, 并且很容易通过你们团队的包车. “大亨公寓”也位于圣保罗动物园的右边. Mary 's,一个老少皆宜的团体活动. It’s a great place to have 午餐 after a fun morning at the zoo!

地址: 2926 N圣玛丽圣,圣安东尼奥,TX 78212


avocado toast topped with an egg, pickled red onions, and greens

Located right in the heart of the beautiful 圣安东尼奥 River Walk, 河的边缘可以让您享受一顿美餐. It’s also located steps away from the historic Alamo, 圣安东尼奥’s most popular and 价格适宜的 吸引力. When it comes to outdoor dining in 圣安东尼奥, you can’t beat this view.

河沿餐厅提供早餐, 午餐, 和晚餐, 提供各种各样的汤, 沙拉, 和共享餐. 享受新鲜的食物,如巴哈鱼玉米饼, 条形牛排,炸肉片, 风味豆薯西瓜沙拉, 甚至尤卡坦岩鱼也适合冒险的食客.

The 圣安东尼奥 River Walk is a popular tourist destination due to its many shops and restaurants, 以及历史悠久的阿拉莫. 在圣安东尼奥河畔的人行道上停车可能会很棘手, so a charter bus will be helpful to your group as you travel throughout the area.

地址: 200 S. 阿拉莫,圣安东尼奥,TX 78205


Now that you have an idea of where you want to bring your group for unforgettable group dining, 是时候迈出下一步了. Rent a charter bus for easy transportation for your group to and from all of the best outdoor dining and other activities in 圣安东尼奥. 调用  或电子邮件 sales@sing2017.com at any time and we will work with you for all your charter bus needs. 快乐的吃饭!