8种庆祝圣. 休斯顿的帕特里克节

February 20, 2020

根据我去年圣诞节做的DNA测试,我有70%的爱尔兰血统. 从法律上讲,这让我成了庆祝圣. 帕特里克节,也就是说我可以权威地说 Houston 是一个度过假期的好地方吗.

I’m kidding about the law, of course, but not about Houston being an awesome place to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. 除了盛大的游行, Houston features several festivals for families and dozens of pub crawls and parties for adults. 但如果你要和 coworkers, your wedding party, or the 你执教的运动队, you need to find something to do that’s not only fun for you, but for your entire group. 这就是长角包车公司的作用所在.

我们已经编制了一份8 St. 休斯顿的帕特里克节庆祝活动适合大型团体. And you know you don’t want to drive when green beer is available, so let us handle that part. We’ll send an experienced professional to shuttle you between festivals or bars while you lounge in a plush seat and use the optional WiFi to upload your Instagram photos. 给我们打个电话 .


1. St. 派翠克节游行

The St. 派翠克节游行 has been an institution in downtown Houston for more than 60 years and has historically been one of the largest St. 美国的帕特里克节游行.S. The roughly 2-hour parade takes place in the area around Sesquicentennial Park and Market Square Park and features more than 100 participants, 从广播电台谁建造绿色, white, 橙色的彩车和表演爱尔兰舞蹈的步行团体.

在哪里停车: Your bus can drop you off near the parade route so you can walk to a viewing area, but oversize vehicle parking is also available in the flat lot at 800 Preston St.

Address: 德克萨斯州休斯顿普雷斯顿街800号,邮编77002

2. St. McGonigel 's Mucky Duck的帕特里克节庆祝活动

麦格尼格尔的脏鸭子是一家酒吧,但它的圣. 帕特里克节的庆祝活动是老少皆可的,也是休斯顿的传奇. 吃牧羊人馅饼, fish and chips, 咸牛肉和卷心菜, and bread pudding soaked in Jameson sauce while watching performances by Irish singers, dancers, and bands. In 2020, the entertainment includes Pat Byrne, Frances Cunningham, and the Flying Fish Sailors.

If you have an after-school group 或者青少年运动队,加入精灵茶话会吧! Your kids will receive admission to the regular celebration as well as to Faerie Land, 在哪里可以见到罗文, Crystal, and Titania. Tickets for both the tea party and the celebration as a whole tend to sell out quickly, so make sure you book online in advance if you’re bringing a large group.

在哪里停车: McGonigel’s has a small parking lot and surrounding street parking that may work if you took a sprinter van or minibus. 如果你乘坐一辆全尺寸的包车, though, you’ll probably have to ask your driver to drop you off and park farther away (the area around Levy Park, described below, 可能是一个很好的地方去看看).

Address: 德克萨斯州休斯顿诺福克2425号77098

3. St. 在利维公园举行的帕特里克节

The Levy Park festival is free, which makes it a great choice for large groups. Let your kids complete the leprechaun-themed scavenger hunt or take pictures in the photo booth while you enjoy snacks and drinks from the stalls scattered throughout the park. 该活动还包括来自当地乐队的现场音乐. In 2020, Skyrocket! 他们会以70年代和80年代的热门歌曲作为头条吗.

在哪里停车: Street parking can be found adjacent to the park as well as along Eastside Street and Wakeforest Avenue. You can also use the Kirby Grove parking garage on the corner of Wakeforest and Richmond, but the garage is a better option for vans or minibuses than for full-size buses.

Address: 德克萨斯州休斯顿东区街3801号,邮编77098


4. St. 圣阿诺德酿酒公司的帕特里克节派对

在一个以另一个名字命名的酒吧庆祝一个圣人节. This brewery, beer garden, 餐厅每年都会举办有现场音乐表演的派对, food, 适当主题的品脱玻璃杯, 以及多尼戈尔胡须培育大赛. 是的,胡须竞争越来越激烈. Admission is free, though you’ll have to pay for the beer and for dishes like 咸牛肉和卷心菜 and beef stew in a bread bowl.

在哪里停车: You can find parking along Lyons Avenue and Maury and Providence streets, 就在啤酒厂后面.

Address: 德克萨斯州休斯顿Lyons大街2000号,邮编77020

5. 幸运的爱尔兰圣. Paddy’s Pub Crawl

This annual pub crawl in midtown Houston starts at Pub Fiction before winding through The Dogwood, Belle Station, 和小伍德罗. 在所有参与的酒吧享受饮料和食物的特色, and don’t forget 预订您的交通工具 early so everyone can enjoy themselves and still get home safely. 长角包车很高兴成为你的DD.

在哪里停车: 因为去酒吧要花点时间, you may want to let your driver return to your hotel or another resting place and return to pick you up later. However, there are public paid parking lots throughout Midtown that your bus can use if needed.

Address: 德克萨斯州休斯顿史密斯街100号2303号,邮编77006

6. 月亮嚎叫街. 帕特里克节的聚会

这家钢琴酒吧兼餐厅, 以其巨大的, 共享的“桶”饮料和现场音乐, hosts a huge St. 每年的帕特里克节庆祝活动. 你会发现脸部彩绘, $3 green beers, $4 Jameson shots, and $5 Irish Car Bombs as well as the venue’s usual live music during this massive party.

在哪里停车: 《美高梅线上娱乐》的停车位非常有限, so your driver may need to drop you off before parking in a paid lot farther away. The good news is that you won’t have to worry about finding parking for all of your group’s cars—you can be picked up and dropped off within easy walking distance.

Address: 德克萨斯州休斯顿哈德利街612号77002

7. 带格林来

如果你想庆祝圣. 来庆祝帕特里克节, 买一张票去蒙特罗斯中心举办的筹款活动. For $40 ($30 if you’re under 30 or over 60) you can enjoy hors d’oeuvres and an open bar and participate in the silent auction. The money from your ticket will support rapid rehousing for homeless LGBTQ+ youth in Houston, 这是为数不多的圣. Patrick’s Day parties where you’ll know you’re doing good while having a good time.

在哪里停车: 活动在居民区举行, but the nearby Plaza in the Park shopping mall offers an expansive parking lot where your bus can go after it drops you off.

Address: 2346 Wroxton路,休斯顿,德克萨斯州77005

8. St. 帕特里克节在格里夫爱尔兰酒吧举行

Proudly calling itself Houston’s oldest sports bar, Griff’s has been hosting a massive St. 庆祝帕特里克节已经超过50年了. Every March, an exciting lineup of live bands and Irish dancers takes over the bar while a DJ plays music on the porch and the kitchen serves 咸牛肉和卷心菜. You can also get your face painted or indulge in a few glasses of green beer.

在哪里停车: 庆祝过后你肯定不想开车了. 这个地区停车很有限, though, so your driver may want to drop you off and return to your hotel or a paid parking lot before coming to pick you up.

Address: 德克萨斯州休斯顿罗斯兰街3416号,邮编77006

Celebrate St. 在休斯顿庆祝帕特里克节

Whether you want to party with a big group of coworkers at a bar or treat your youth group to a festival downtown, 你会发现一个惊人的圣. 休斯敦的帕特里克节活动. 一旦你决定了你想参加哪个派对, buy your tickets if the event requires them and call 美高梅在线娱乐 at 预订您的交通工具. We’ll take care of the driving so you can celebrate without worrying about getting home safely.